Name: Scorn

Player Name: AJ

Class: Necromancer


Age: 18

Pale, ghostly.

 Not much is known about this boy's past other than he was raised as an orphan. At the age of about 15, his life was mysteriously terminated. Upon his passing, a strange man noticed his freshly deceased form. This man was a Master Necromancer. Due to the circumstances of the death, this man was ablle to fully ressurect the boy. Upon recieving new life, he was baptised into the life of a Necromancer, granted the name of Scorn. A last name is blessed to the new Necromancer only when he has proven himself to his ressurector as an adept in the art. Scorn now searches the world for his mysterious master who has vanished from the society of Necrology. Although Scorn seems socially inept to most people, he has a soft heart towards children, often seen as an older brother in his past life.


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