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Current Date: Fourth Age, 502 – August

Delandria is a world consisting of three continents by the names of Verdrali, Lione and Erdan. They are seperated by the vast Verdal Sea. The amount of islands is unknown as very few are thoroughly mapped and even fewer are named.


Delandria's populus' majority are in Verdrali and Lione. Erdan, being more remote and a smaller landmass, has far less inhabitants and even fewer of a pleasant variety.
Factions, War and Rivalry
As of recently, war has not been about in the lands of Delandria. Other than inevitable evil, there is no overall struggle…
Each town and kingdom resides in their own sense of governing and leadership. There are certain united kingdoms that share initiatives and ideals, so they operate in small congressional-esque governments. (See Political Past.)
Current Adventurers
  1. Alura
  2. Lando
  3. Carric
  4. Scorn
  5. Martimer
  6. Raziel
  7. Layla

Main Page

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