Name: Carric

Player Name: Abe

Race: Elf

Class: Ranger

Bio: Born out of the village of Charivar, in The Moonwood, just off Silverymoon, population of about 100 or so elves and humans. Charivar is a staple of Ranger training and natural culture, most people who wish to become rangers usually come to this small village to discover the secrets of these soldiers of nature. Young elves born in this town start their training at a young age and when these young rangers reach a certain point in their life they are sent on a mission to prove their worth, to see if they are worthy to be a Charivar Ranger. A ring is given to each student with a symbol that represents the village's history and lore, and are sent out into the world, to find this symbol. If the ranger returns with this symbol, then they are worth of the title of a Charivar Ranger, not an easy task, one that has claimed many a life of young elves and men alike. Carric, a young elf (105 years old…) who comes from a small lower class family of elves who escaped a vicious attack from orcs before Carric was born, settled in Charivar for safety and prosperity, Carric's father who's an expert craftman in sculpting supports the family. From an early age Carric was interested in the outdoors and archery so his family decided to put him in the Charivar Rangers Academy. After decades of training in the stealthy, deadly arts of the Ranger, Carric is sent on his final test. Only with drive in his heart and in his mind, the only thing that he can think about is the academy's motto: "...Always Ready"

Other Adventurers

  1. Alura
  2. Lando


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