Chapter 1
Patronage to Verdrali (A Rude Welcome)

Chapter 1: Patronage to Verdrali (A Rude Welcome)

Our adventurers Scorn, Alura, Martimer, Teron, Carric, Phayla and Raziel landed at Riverport after a long journey. With their level of interaction still quite limited, they came off the boat barely knowing of each other's names. In fact, the one to know the most was Scorn. A male, human necromancer with unknown origin.
With waves crashing beneath a beating high-noon sun, they headed for the noisy shelter ahead.  A chattering marketplace full of excitement awaited them. Ale and wine was sold. As were noisemakers and streamers. They learned that it was a result of the coming Belltine, or coming of winter. However, they found it confusing.
In Two Rivers, they have only two seasons – Summer and Winter. The commonfolk either see it fit to grow crops or to not grow a thing. And the only one who can tell then when is which is when the town's most magically inclined being tells them so. This would be the town's "Wisdom".
The sound of comfort and relaxation no doubt put relief in some of our adventurers' minds, but their fatigue did not go undisturbed. As Teron, a male Half-Elf warlord witnessed, a white hooded man he spoke to about the coming celebration was attacked by a man in black robes and hood. As his stab wound bled into his coat of purity, Teron's failed attempt to help the man provided him with a fighting start.
Witnessing this said incident, Carric, Phayla  and Martimer, all fueled by their own intentions, took haste upon the hooded man and attacked. While most failed, Phayla's distant magic missile sent the hooded man aback. With his mind spinning, his next attempt at Teron was a failure as he collapsed to the ground, unconsious.
As Scorn continued into town, the others surrounded the man. He was without hair, tan skin and tatooed. Alura chose to take whatever of his belongings she could get her hands on. Surely an Eladrin rogue has no problem with such. The others, however, took it upon themselves to get both men to stable conditions to bring them both to a controlled environment. This was met with a rude awakening of the hooded man. As he attempted to grasp Phayla's neck, he grumbled, "Bask in thine last of nights, for tomorrow's day shall never come for thee."
And with such a prophecy…he disappeared.
With no time to spare, the adventurers picked up the white hooded man and headed for the town square. There they met Scorn once again and attempted to find the wisdom. She did not seem to be in town, so they instead ran for help at the inn.
As they panicked for answers and hoped to help the friendly white-hooded man, Scorn found himself strolling the town, trying to find grounds to practice his necromancy upon, but to no avail…until a crying young girl informed him of her recently passed dog. Thankfully, she knew where it was buried…

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